Anthony E. Navarrete

When I first came to Greencastle, I was amazed by its beauty. I’m not talking about just the DePauw campus, the whole community is beautiful. The layout of the city is very unique as there is a highway that runs through the downtown square and through the main part of the city. By simply driving through on the highway you can get a panoramic tour of this beautiful community. I come from a town even smaller then Greencastle, that is home to just 2,000 people but I still get the small town feeling in Greencastle. Most people that I’ve met are so nice and friendly. The DePauw and Greencastle communities are one and they make for an absolutely wonderful place to call home. Although, Greencastle will only be my home for a couple more years, I will never forget this beautiful community, all its lovely citizens and all the memories I’ve made here.


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