My whole life, I’ve lived within 10 miles of Greencastle. When I tell people this, they make faces. “Really? Why did you decide to attend DePauw University, then?” Usually I shrug and say “Well, it’s really close to my parents, and I love DePauw’s faculty, so it just made sense.”

I am happy to admit that I didn’t stay in the Greencastle area solely because I love DePauw’s faculty. I stayed here because I couldn’t bear to leave. People sometimes complain about our lack of cultural activities or restaurants, but we are trying. Every time I look in the Banner Graphic (which I have loved reading since I was about seven), someone is attempting to start up a new business or service to the community. I wish the downtown area was a busier place, but you look around and you see the same emptiness in small towns nationwide.

When it comes down to it, Greencastle is a nice little town. We’re clean, polite, and relatively quiet. Okay, of course there are those few DePauw students who complain about the “hicks” or the “townies,” but this year, I’ve been stopping them and saying, “Yeah, those townies. You know what? I AM a townie, and proud of it.”


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