Megan McGowan

Since kindergarten, I have lived in a town called Edina, Minnesota. It is a town of about 50,000 but everyone knows everything about each other. It is a town that it seems like no one leaves forever. Even if they leave for college or a job, they always come back.

In high school, we do senior awards. One of the awards is “most likely to live in Edina.” It is bittersweet to receive this award for a few reasons. We all take pride in our town and being an Edina Hornet but there are a few things that go along with that name. We have been called “cake eaters” since what seems like forever. We excel as a school in sports, academics, public high school ranks but it is a bubble of a town and if you live in Edina, most likely your parents know each other and have probably dated or were best friends.

I love my town, all negative aside. It is very safe and tight knit community. I have never felt like I am in danger when I am there. I have had the same best friends since kindergarten, which I think is unique but that is how it is for most people in my town.


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