Where am I from? I am from streets paved in awkwardness, identity, and love.  In short I am originally from Brooklyn, NY. A city like many others but different in my old neighborhood because you are taught how to live. Taught how to survive and just break the surface.  Being here at DePauw isn’t as new as it may have been for some of my fellow New Yorkers because I always knew where I came from but knew that I was not of New York. I say this to say that I always knew I had dreams that far surpassed the highest visions that anyone has from my neighborhood may have thought.  For instance, I am second of about 6 of my friends who actually go to school outside of the state of New York.  This in a nut shell is a huge to me because it has opened my eyes a great deal. I am from a place where I would not necessarily hang out with European people of Asians. Here in my “new home” I get the opportunity to do so.  I can combat issues others have about race, as well as confront my own issues
about race.  My old home would have never cultivated me to be a well rounded man.  I would have stay stuck in the funk of being African-American and poor. While I am by no means rich being here at DePauw University I care less about having money and worry about having time to do all of the activities that I love some much. I would never be involved with theatre at home. At DePauw am I very involved.  I would never really know the true meaning of community service. At DePauw I do know that meaning. So much so that I plan to take all that I have learned and experienced back home so other people who look, act, and feel like I felt when I was growing up as a young Brooklyn boy can have the opportunity to explore what life is outside of the Brooklyn paved streets.


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