My perception of the Greencastle and Putnam County communities has changed drastically over my time attending DePauw University. I entered with the perception of the other. It is this mindset, however, that most students are never able to shed.

I am very fortunate to feel as though I have truly become a member of this community. When volunteering, I get to know so many new people and even form relationships with people outside of DePauw. I thank Greencastle and even Putnam County for allowing me to feel welcome in this place.

While I find many students discussing the fact that there is “nothing to do” in Greencastle, I have to laugh. I came from a town less than 1/4 the size of Greencastle. The small town feeling is something that cannot be fabricated. Feeling welcome and even appreciated as a member of society has made my time at DePauw I will treasure always. While other students may be looking forward to graduation day, graduate schools and exciting jobs, I am dreading the day I will have to leave this place and make a new life for myself, in another (hopefully) small town.


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