Greencastle, IN is honestly a lovely place to live.  I enjoy living here, even if I have only lived here for a few months now.  At first I do have to admit that since I was going to be in the middle of nowhere I was a bit intimidated and very homesick, since coming from Chicago, it is a big difference.  For the first semester that I have been at DePauw University I was really homesick and did not want to stay in Greencastle but overtime I learned to like Greencastle and DePauw, it might have been the people or the fact that I have a lot more freedom and independence here on Greencastle than I do in Chicago. Lately when I have gone home I would rather be in Greencastle than in Chicago for the fact that I miss some of the people, the small quiet community and my freedom.  I can now say that Greencastle can and is considered my new home until I am here for school.
I can still remember visiting DePauw University my sophomore year in high school, I thought the school was so beautiful that I wanted to attend, since that college visit DePauw stuck in my head because it was a beautiful campus, the people seemed friendly and the way to get to Greencastle was rural, which I liked because it reminded me of Mexico.  The small community also reminded me of Mexico which is probably one of the reasons why I chose to attend DePauw because I felt like I was going to be somewhere where I knew the atmosphere.  It was not easy to get used to at first since compared to the big city there is not such a reliable public transportation system, but eventually you get to know more about the town and learn to love it. 🙂


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