I do not really consider myself a resident of Greencastle or Indiana. Although, I have slowly come to realize that I know a lot about campus and the state. I never thought I would care much about the slow, country life that is Greencastle. Though, now I appreciate it, and leaving it will be difficult.

I have realized throughout college that I prefer some places compared to others. For example, I enjoy my home in Colorado much more than I do Greencastle. No matter what, any locations brings its own unique attributes that I can appreciate. Every place has its own tale and beauty to share.

Above all, I am in awe of the natural world no matter where I live. I prefer it over the concrete and urban wastelands erected by humans. No matter where I live, I can find some grounding within the natural environment and this makes me happy. I know I will always be grounded for this reason.

The Earth is where I live, and I am happy to call it home. Living on earth means that I can find happiness in Greencastle, IN, Niwot, CO, or any other place that life may lead me.


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