I live at DePauw University, not Greencastle. Though as a bonner, I am much closer to Greencastle than most other students. The DePauw Campus and the city of Greencastle exist on two totally separate planes. No space, equipment, parks, or buildings are shared between the two.

So, I live at a school. Let me begin by saying I’m rather grumpy right now. I’ve experienced plenty of greatness at this school but that isn’t what’s on my mind right now. Here are this school I have experienced a lot more inattention and disregard than I care for. I can no longer count the number of speakers and visitors and films I have attended with attendees I can count on my two hands. It’s sad, it’s frustrating. Where is everyone? I really don’t understand. Part of the college experience is to go to all these ventures. We are a liberal arts school.

I know the bonner’s main purpose is to revitalize and enhance and be involved in the Greencastle community, but it seems to me that the DePauw community needs revitalization as well.


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