Michael Verbeek

I went to high school in Oregon. Now attending DePauw University I live most of the year in Greencastle, IN. My freshman year I lived in Lucy, a dorm. I lived on the second floor which was coed. Being my first year I didn’t really know what to expect living in a dorm room. Back home I had my own room to myself, in college I would have a roommate. Living in Lucy is great because of its location. Its right across the street from the hub and is in a great quad. Everyday when I get up and go to class I walk out the doors to a beautiful view of the buildings and again when I come back from class. My floor gets along really well causing us to get into trouble sometimes. The biggest drawback is that we are in a quad with upper class men. The majority of freshman live in the other quad. But because my floor is fun to be on I don’t feel too left out.

Now that it is almost the end of my freshman year I am getting ready to go back home only to return in the fall. At that point I will be moving into my Frat House which is also in a great location.

Greencastle is much different then my home town. There are a lot less people and its flat. But being on campus is like living in your own society so you don’t really notice how small Greencastle is until you go out and explore. It is really hilly where I am from, when I was first here I noticed how flat it was. I enjoy riding a bike more because I don’t have to worry about peddling up a  hill.


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