Nic Flores

I’m originally from the great rural plains of West Texas. We call it “West Texas,” but really it’s just Northern Texas. Needless to say, Olton is a tiny agricultural based community based primarily on the production of cotton. There are cotton fields and crop circles everywhere. As a small community, it is easy to get to know everyone and vice versa. There are definite perks and disadvantages to knowing everyone.

I see the DePauw and the Greencastle community almost as I see home. Despite there being more DePauw students enrolled than in my hometown, I do believe if someone really wanted to get to know everyone it is very possible. In this regard, Olton and DePauw are similar.

As far as layout is concerned, the DePauw community could not be any more different from home in Texas. For instance, there are only two main roads in my hometown, and no stop lights. DePauw is well lit and pretty impressive when it comes to some of our structures. DePauw is also relatively compact. This is not a bad thing for those without vehicles.

There are also more opportunities to get involved and challenge traditional notions you may have here at DePauw. I know I’ve experienced a few things during my time here at DePauw that I might not otherwise experience.

So far, my experience at DePauw has been pretty amazing. I think this is in large part because of the people I’ve encountered and come to know. If I’ve taken anything away from where I live, it will be the lasting friendships.


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