Kelly GM

Where do I live?  Right now, I’m living in Roy O. West Library, because my computer doesn’t have a printer and every class I have seems to need about 389208302 papers printed.
However, I guess you could say I really live in Greencastle.  I love Greencastle and will have a hard time leaving it in 2 weeks.  I used to visit my sister here when she was a student and I was still in high school.  I loved driving from Indianapolis to see her and we did all sorts of shenanigans in Greencastle that probably don’t need to be mentioned.  I spent the summer on campus last year and that contributed to my love for Greencastle.  A town in which you can sit in your car and take a nap in a parking lot and not be bothered is okay in my book.
I also live in Indianapolis, where my parent’s house is and where I spent the first 18 years of my life.  Indianapolis is kind of exciting, I guess.  There’s a mall and a million museums and of course, who can forget the splendid Indy 500 in May?  I’ve never been to a a single race, actually.
Finally, I’m about to live in Lexington, Kentucky, for the next four years or so while I start and finish my graduate work for counseling psychology.  I’ve visited Lexington once, and that’s all.  I’m excited to start up in a brand new place where no one in my family has lived.
I’ve also spent enough time in New York, upstate and in Westchester County, that I feel I can call that a place I’ve lived.  I love New York and went on a solo roadtrip to the upstate part over spring break.  It was one of the most meaningful things I’ve done.  Enough of my family’s history is wrapped up in New York, and it was neat to reexperience that at 21 years old.


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