I grew up in the Midwest but had been away for years and years when I moved back here about two years ago. I moved here to take a job at DePauw, but there were underlying reasons: connecting more with relatives who live in the area, connecting with the landscape, connecting with the people. After living a lot of years in a big city, I wanted to say hello to my neighbors in passing and when I went to the Post Office or to Kroegers.

My expectations have been fulfilled – mostly. The job has turned out well, and I get that nice connection in Kroegers – even when I run in to do my shopping and am not looking my best! I’ve made some deeper connections with people here, but I am reminded that Midwesterners are not superficial people (isn’t that what what I was looking for???), and that it will take some time to build “real” relationships. I love how it looks here – all four seasons of the year. I love the house I live in – it’s a good place to go home to to just hang out and to get recharged to come out into the world again. I’ve been shown unexpected kindnesses. I am learning the underground economy – the one where you ask another person, “I have to have xxx done to my house. Who should I call to get that done?” I am able to have political conversations with people who believe and vote differently from the way I do – but I am still reminded that there are probably some people here where it wouldn’t be a good idea
to tell what it is that I am really thinking. I read the local newspapers to get a bigger understanding about what’s going on here. I buy local whenever I can.

Yes. Greencastle has become home.


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