Kelly Chen

I was raised on the south side of Chicago and Greencastle is the only other city I’ve ever lived in.

As first-year Bonners, our class had to come on campus a few days earlier than other students. The ‘not your average campus tour’ led by Jeannette Johnson was part of our orientation. I remember tensing up when she came to the part about violence and racism on campus. But when she finished telling her stories, I was like, “that’s it?”

While the hate crimes that have occurred on campus are serious and troubling, I was expecting blood, a string of violent acts… or something similar. Before I came to DePauw, I was listening about murders and gun violence every other day on the news. At least once a month, my parents would remind me to be careful outside because of the rising number of (violent) robberies in my neighborhood. I grew up thinking that this was the norm. Living in Greencastle has allowed me to see that such unnecessary deaths and violence are.. abnormal.

I hear a lot of disgust pertaining to our school’s racial segregation (and/or racism). Events such as the recent attack on DePauw’s Latino community are especially alarming, but all in all, DePauw and Greencastle could be worst. As collegiate scholars however, we should expect the utmost respect, understanding, tolerance from our peers (and ourselves).


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