Melissa Burklow

I live in a town a lot like Greencastle, only smaller. Known by a few as the proud town of Tony Stewart-even though all of us know he doesn’t really claim it. I would say since I don’t have a family of my own, I have a biased opinion of that little town nestled in between covered bridges and amish. If my kids were growing up there, great. But since they’re not and I’m still what some would call a kid, it’s not the greatest of places. There’s not much I did to keep myself out of trouble. In fact, I did everything possible to find trouble. You name a law, I probably broke it. It seemed to be encouraged by our surroundings. “Do whatever you want, just get out of my hair.” There’s always work to do there and if that’s the case for your parents, there’s not much supervision no matter how strict your parents think they are. Apart from the rebellion that comes from sheer boredom, drama reeks havoc throughout the entire county. All of us go to the same high school of eight hundred kids which is home to many festering lies and rumors. However, the place is quiet I’ll give it that. There are a few nice spots embedded in Rush County that seem almost like an escape from the crazy teenagers and drama. But, every town no matter how big or small has ups and downs right?


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