Ryan Summitt

I am from Danville, Indiana which is on the West side of Indianapolis. It is small town with a lot of character and tradition.  Most people know about the Mayberry Cafe, which is a small town restaurant based around the 1960’s television show, “The Andy Griffith Show.” Both my mom and dad were raised in the area and my grandparents own a small tractor business on the main highway.  In the summer, I work at Hendricks Regional Health hospital, which is also located in Danville.

There are many other festivals that the town is known for.  Every year, there is a huge fall festival at the local apple orchard.  They set up booths, play live music, and many variations of apply based food.  Around Christmas, the town park has a lighting display set up which illuminates the town with some very interesting lights.  There is also a covered bridge festival every summer.

Overall, I take pride in being from Danville, IN.  Any time I tell someone in Greencastle that I am from there, they have nothing but good things to say about the town.  It is clean, safe, and the people are friendly.  All of this may sound very superficial, but every time I go back to Danville, I have that warm fuzzy feeling of being home once again.


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