About AWWL

About Where We Live is an initiative soliciting stories, memories, anecdotes, and feelings about this area and region from those who live, work, and learn here. “Here” is a variety of places: Greencastle, the DePauw University campus, Putnam County, and/or central Indiana.

The project uses a series of tools including a blog, fliers and handbills asking for input, and spaces open to the public, to retrieve responses. Our simple request to those who wish to participate is that they “Tell Us About Where We Live.” This is printed on fliers that are posted in shared public spaces, both outdoors and indoors. Pull tabs with our email address and blog URL can be ripped off the bottom of each fliers so that the possible participant can email us a story or memory or view the contributions of others on the blog.

In addition, handbills with “Tell Us About Where We Live” are available for those who don’t wish to enter their thoughts through the blog. There is space on these handbills to write or type a response. The finished responses can be mailed to us or dropped off at Peeler Art Center, 10 West Hanna, Greencastle, IN 46135 or dropped off at 2 N. Jackson Street on the Greencastle square.

This initiative resulted from a series of conversations that we conducted over the course of a few days together. After hearing and talking about several issues, concerns, and points of pride in our various communities, we wanted to expand the discussion to others in an effort to see a fuller picture of life in our area. It is always easy to dwell on problems with and stereotypes about our communities, but we wish to spark a larger, more representative, and more complicated idea about who we are and where we live through this public project.

About Where We Live is organized by Alyssa Vermillion, Gleason Wilson, Grant Rhodes, J.C. Pankratz, Liz Bjordal, Meredith Brickell, Nicholas Laird, Ryan Blackwell, Temporary Services, Tessa Walsh and Thea Warren.

Contact us at aboutwherewelive@gmail.com with comments, questions or thoughts.

This project is supported by a 
Scholarship of Engagement Faculty Grant from the Indiana Campus Compact. Opinions or points of view expressed in this document are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Indiana Campus Compact.