Ryan Summitt

I am from Danville, Indiana which is on the West side of Indianapolis. It is small town with a lot of character and tradition.  Most people know about the Mayberry Cafe, which is a small town restaurant based around the 1960’s television show, “The Andy Griffith Show.” Both my mom and dad were raised in the area and my grandparents own a small tractor business on the main highway.  In the summer, I work at Hendricks Regional Health hospital, which is also located in Danville.

There are many other festivals that the town is known for.  Every year, there is a huge fall festival at the local apple orchard.  They set up booths, play live music, and many variations of apply based food.  Around Christmas, the town park has a lighting display set up which illuminates the town with some very interesting lights.  There is also a covered bridge festival every summer.

Overall, I take pride in being from Danville, IN.  Any time I tell someone in Greencastle that I am from there, they have nothing but good things to say about the town.  It is clean, safe, and the people are friendly.  All of this may sound very superficial, but every time I go back to Danville, I have that warm fuzzy feeling of being home once again.



I am from Wichita Falls, Texas. It is a fairly okay-sized town (little more than 104,000 population). I have lived there my entire life. The city has grown economically and industrially over the last 5-10 years, increasing in business and attracting more people to settle down. It is not a fast-paced city like New York, but rather calm. I would like to believe that it is an ideal place to settle down with a family. We have a “potential metropolis” area growing and more expansions planned. The busiest street is named Kemp Street, it is always busy and has its traffic hours like any other city. The thing I like most about my home-city is that it is ideal for building a strong community and becoming very close with people within the city. Although I do not know everyone within the city limits, the people I do know are known by others as well. In Wichita Falls, it’s a small world, but comfortable.


i am from columbus, indiana. it is a city just south of indy and about 40,000 people reside there. we have a huge teenager population, but not really that much do. we are also a major architecture city in the country. it has been really neat to grow up in such a diverse town. it is constantly changing its look and new people move to the city all the time. i live about 15 min from town on a lake. it a more country like area. i also grew up partially on my grandma’s farm where we raised lota of animals, including sheep.
it wasnt to big of an adjustment coming to greencastle because its only a little over an hour away. although there arent tons of places to eat and shop it is still a nice town. it has been nice to get to know community residents through bonner.

Kelly GM

Where do I live?  Right now, I’m living in Roy O. West Library, because my computer doesn’t have a printer and every class I have seems to need about 389208302 papers printed.
However, I guess you could say I really live in Greencastle.  I love Greencastle and will have a hard time leaving it in 2 weeks.  I used to visit my sister here when she was a student and I was still in high school.  I loved driving from Indianapolis to see her and we did all sorts of shenanigans in Greencastle that probably don’t need to be mentioned.  I spent the summer on campus last year and that contributed to my love for Greencastle.  A town in which you can sit in your car and take a nap in a parking lot and not be bothered is okay in my book.
I also live in Indianapolis, where my parent’s house is and where I spent the first 18 years of my life.  Indianapolis is kind of exciting, I guess.  There’s a mall and a million museums and of course, who can forget the splendid Indy 500 in May?  I’ve never been to a a single race, actually.
Finally, I’m about to live in Lexington, Kentucky, for the next four years or so while I start and finish my graduate work for counseling psychology.  I’ve visited Lexington once, and that’s all.  I’m excited to start up in a brand new place where no one in my family has lived.
I’ve also spent enough time in New York, upstate and in Westchester County, that I feel I can call that a place I’ve lived.  I love New York and went on a solo roadtrip to the upstate part over spring break.  It was one of the most meaningful things I’ve done.  Enough of my family’s history is wrapped up in New York, and it was neat to reexperience that at 21 years old.

Nic Flores

I’m originally from the great rural plains of West Texas. We call it “West Texas,” but really it’s just Northern Texas. Needless to say, Olton is a tiny agricultural based community based primarily on the production of cotton. There are cotton fields and crop circles everywhere. As a small community, it is easy to get to know everyone and vice versa. There are definite perks and disadvantages to knowing everyone.

I see the DePauw and the Greencastle community almost as I see home. Despite there being more DePauw students enrolled than in my hometown, I do believe if someone really wanted to get to know everyone it is very possible. In this regard, Olton and DePauw are similar.

As far as layout is concerned, the DePauw community could not be any more different from home in Texas. For instance, there are only two main roads in my hometown, and no stop lights. DePauw is well lit and pretty impressive when it comes to some of our structures. DePauw is also relatively compact. This is not a bad thing for those without vehicles.

There are also more opportunities to get involved and challenge traditional notions you may have here at DePauw. I know I’ve experienced a few things during my time here at DePauw that I might not otherwise experience.

So far, my experience at DePauw has been pretty amazing. I think this is in large part because of the people I’ve encountered and come to know. If I’ve taken anything away from where I live, it will be the lasting friendships.

Michael Verbeek

I went to high school in Oregon. Now attending DePauw University I live most of the year in Greencastle, IN. My freshman year I lived in Lucy, a dorm. I lived on the second floor which was coed. Being my first year I didn’t really know what to expect living in a dorm room. Back home I had my own room to myself, in college I would have a roommate. Living in Lucy is great because of its location. Its right across the street from the hub and is in a great quad. Everyday when I get up and go to class I walk out the doors to a beautiful view of the buildings and again when I come back from class. My floor gets along really well causing us to get into trouble sometimes. The biggest drawback is that we are in a quad with upper class men. The majority of freshman live in the other quad. But because my floor is fun to be on I don’t feel too left out.

Now that it is almost the end of my freshman year I am getting ready to go back home only to return in the fall. At that point I will be moving into my Frat House which is also in a great location.

Greencastle is much different then my home town. There are a lot less people and its flat. But being on campus is like living in your own society so you don’t really notice how small Greencastle is until you go out and explore. It is really hilly where I am from, when I was first here I noticed how flat it was. I enjoy riding a bike more because I don’t have to worry about peddling up a  hill.


I live at DePauw University, not Greencastle. Though as a bonner, I am much closer to Greencastle than most other students. The DePauw Campus and the city of Greencastle exist on two totally separate planes. No space, equipment, parks, or buildings are shared between the two.

So, I live at a school. Let me begin by saying I’m rather grumpy right now. I’ve experienced plenty of greatness at this school but that isn’t what’s on my mind right now. Here are this school I have experienced a lot more inattention and disregard than I care for. I can no longer count the number of speakers and visitors and films I have attended with attendees I can count on my two hands. It’s sad, it’s frustrating. Where is everyone? I really don’t understand. Part of the college experience is to go to all these ventures. We are a liberal arts school.

I know the bonner’s main purpose is to revitalize and enhance and be involved in the Greencastle community, but it seems to me that the DePauw community needs revitalization as well.